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Frame with hinge for 10 pair of ski / snowboard


The ski depot (frame) will be fixed in the wall by screws with the attached hinge in a height of about 1,85 m (top edge) and it´s pivotable sideways in a radius about ca. ± 60°. They can be flicked through like sides of a book. Every setdown position can be reached quickly and easily.

example of use: 

Spatial depth could be used perfectly with the flexible frames. You are able to store 50 pairs of skis within only 1,8 m². For that you just need 2 m wall and 5 frames.
You have plenty of wall surface? Then the aluminium profile is the right choice because you hardly need more spatial depth than your fixed items.

  • safe and lucid storage for skis and / or snowboards
  • fflexible access to each item
  • ideal storage, clearance from floor
  • maximum spatial use between each single frame
  • distance between frames: aprox. 40 cm
  • off seasons frames can be removed with one movement
  • frame with hinge, aprox. 120° swivelling
  • sectional steel, light grey, powder coated (RAL 7035) or stainless steel / Inox
  • self-sticking clips covered with slide-blocking rubber
Frame with hinge for 10 pair of ski / snowboard

Dimensions frame with hinge for 10 pair of ski / snowboard

width: 15 cm
depth: 85 cm
height: 55 cm
weight: 5,9 kg