Boot dryer

Is it possible to disconnect unused heating elements?

There is no possibility to switch off single heating elements, because

  1. our ski boot dryer does not work with a blower and therefore it is absolutely silently and maintenance-free.
  2. the ability of disconnect heating elements opens our product to operating errors (the shoe does not fit right on the heater rod and the switches / blower will not be activated).
  3. the power consumption per heating element amounts to about 6 Watt. There is no relation between surcharge and savings in electricity.

You can, of course, be e.g. instead of a module for 20 pairs of shoes, use two modules for 10 pairs of shoes each and operate only one or both shoe dryers as required.

Am I able to use the ski boot dryer in cold rooms?

We recommend to fit the ski boot dryer with double heating if it will be used in quite cold rooms (0 - 10 °C).

Which accomplishment is the right one for me?

In function and solidity both varieties are equal.

We recommend our stainless steel ski boot dryer for usage in a rougher surrounding (like quick alternating public business, high humidity). Stainless steel originally has a high corrosion protection and is almost indestructible.

The powder coated accomplishment is more reasonable in price and alike long-lasting, with appropriate servicing.

Is the ski boot dryer available with water connection towards my heating system?

We do not have a water connectable system any more.

For the following reasons:

  1. Our electronically driven ski boot dryer is very low in power usage (120 Watt - that are two 60 Watt light bulbs - per 10 pair of shoes).
  2. Slightly installation effort (a socket is all you need).
  3. Everytime extendable.
  4. Flexible switch-on times by using a time switch (included in delivery).
  5. Operating possible even during night setbacks in the heating system.

Ski and snowboard storage

Is it possible to remove the wall frame?

Our wall frame system is equipped with a fringe, so you are able to remove it easily.

Where to put the poles?

The ski poles can be easily hung over the ski tips with the loops.